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For Professional Use Only

Dry cleaning results in half the time!

None of the harsh chemicals!

Environmentally friendly!



NO Dryer Sheets

NO Fabric Softener

Zabi wet-clean

ZABI wet-clean™


GTIN: 00860007312502

Size: 1 Gal / 3.78 L

$137.50 USD

Zabi wet-clean’s cold water formula is a super concentrated laundry detergent for professional use. Zabi is a non-corrosive, phosphate-free formula that eliminates the need for dryer sheets or fabric softener and accomplishes what regular dry cleaning chemicals take 90 minutes to achieve in less than half the time!

Just 5 mL treats approximately 10 pounds of laundry for 757 loads per gallon, and our complimentary 2.5 mL metered pump (included) eliminates mess and overdosing.

Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions for wet-cleaning and visit for instructions on using this product on natural and synthetic fabrics, including “handwash-only”, “dry-clean only”, and suede leather.

Real Stains, Real Results

Two years before the owner of this suede leather jacket brought it to us, for the Zabi test, he paid a professional leather cleaning service $60.00 to remove the green ink stain from a broken permanent marker and his artistic 3-year-old.  The owner felt that the leather service lightened the stain by as much as fifty percent, but as you can see in the photo, it was far from removed. The photo on the right was taken after spot treating the stain with a mixture of 1-part Zabi and 3-parts cold water and working it into the stain with an old toothbrush for about one minute before tossing it in into a residential washing machine. The water level was set to “mini” short, delicate cycle with just 2 pumps (5 mL/1 tsp) of Zabi Wet-clean concentrate. After completing the spin cycle, the jacket was shaken out and hung to airdry overnight. As you can see, the visual result was amazing and also felt noticeably softer. And with less than 20 cents worth of Zabi and cold water.

zabi on suede

Frequently Asked Questions


How is ZABI Wet-clean better than other detergents?

ZABI improves every aspect of doing laundry. One gallon of Zabi Wet-clean concentrate will clean over 7500lbs of laundry in cold water. It only takes 5mL/ 1 tsp. per 10lbs. of laundry. ZABI is color safe and non-corrosive for extended garment life. Clothes come out noticeably cleaner, softer and static free, without using fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Our no-mess metered applicator eliminates measuring and wasteful overdosing. Each pump is exactly 2.5 mL. Just follow label instructions, e.g., a 20lb. load would require 4 pumps (10 mL).

Why do you say ZABI defies laws of chemistry?

A generally accepted premise of detergent chemistry recognizes that a higher pH detergent will clean better than a lower pH detergent. But until ZABI came along, there always came a point where the cleaning advantage of a high pH was offset by color-fade and fabric damage. That is why most major brands of laundry detergents are formulated in the pH range between 7 and 10 on a scale of 7 to 14. A manufacturing process protected as a trade secret, allows ZABI to have a pH of 13.6, which is more than 10 times higher (more alkaline) than chlorine bleach – without being the slightest bit corrosive.

Can I use ZABI Wet-clean in a residential washer?

Yes, but it is important to select the short (delicate) cycle and adjust the water level for the size of the load. Finishing should be done in a programable, moisture-controlled dryer, to avoid fabric damage and shrinkage. For example: set maximum temperature to 140 deg. F. Suede leather should be blown out with cool air on a garment form finisher or hung to airdry and touched up with a horsehair brush when dry.

Will ZABI clean better in hot water?

No. ZABI Wet-clean is formulated for cold water. There is no benefit to using warm or hot water.

How can I feel safe using Zabi Wet-clean on expensive garments and delicate fabrics and materials?

When in doubt, we always recommend testing the garment by placing one drop of Zabi Wet-clean concentrate on a hidden area, to test for colorfastness. However, prior to taking Zabi Wet-clean to market, its formulator and a few of his friends in the laundry business, used Zabi exclusively, every day for up to seven (7) years. During that time, Zabi proved to be safe on every garment that came in their doors, without fading colors or damaging the underlying fabric. Over time, their customers began bringing in their wash-and-wear garments in order to keep them looking like new.


Zabi wet-clean concentrate was developed in a collaboration between AON Invent, LLC in Bella Vista, Arkansas, and the owner of a dry-clean and laundry business, (who wishes to remain anonymous) as an alternative to hazardous dry-cleaning solvents. After three years of developmental testing, the results exceeded all expectations and even appeared to defy some of the basic laws of chemistry. At last, a cold-water wet-clean formula that delivers dry-cleaning results in half the time, using cold water.

Why do Zabi's instructions recommend using the short/delicate wash cycle?

Excessive agitation in the washing machine takes its toll on your clothes and can substantially shorten their life. Zabi is such an effective detergent, that a short/delicate cycle in cold water will produce better results than competitive brands with hot water on a heavy cycle. This saves time and energy, while significantly extending the life of the garment.

Is Zabi Wet-clean flammable?

No. Zabi Wet-clean concentrate has been certified by UL Test Labs, to have a flashpoint above 200 deg. F. with reference to 16 CFR Part 1500,43a.

ZABI wet clean

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